What Sets Us Apart

Straightening Teeth, Improving Oral Health, and Transforming Smiles – One Person at a Time!

At TLS Orthodontics you’ll never feel like an anonymous number on a patient chart, a revenue source to be exploited, or teeth in a treatment chair, we promise.

From the first phone call through each and every step of treatment, you will be heard, respected, and considered part of our family. We’re honored to be known as much for the personalized service we offer as we’re known for the smiles we create.

For 20 years, Dr. Theresa Skelton and our team have served Greenville and surrounding communities; we’re now straightening teeth for the children of some of our first patients. That loyalty and trust speaks volumes about our clinical expertise and the experience we provide!

What’s Different at TLS Orthodontics?

Ours is a privately-owned, one doctor and one location practice. We are not high-volume or revenue driven and there is no monthly treatment quota. Instead, we have the freedom to offer the orthodontic experience we’d provide our family members: timely, comfortable, and effective, in order to deliver your best smile!

  • We Listen: It’s important we understand your expectations and concerns, so Dr. Skelton can design a treatment plan that works with your situation. By listening, asking questions, and encouraging yours, we establish open communication. We want you to feel comfortable talking with us, knowing we will respond with respect and compassion!
  • We Educate: We want you to be an informed participant in your orthodontic experience and in caring for your oral health. That’s why we take time to explain different treatment options, and encourage you to develop strong oral hygiene practices. You deserve to know how to keep your new smile clean and healthy, so it lasts a lifetime!
  • We Support: Throughout your time in treatment, we will offer lots of encouragement, keeping you engaged and excited about the progress you’re making. From visit to visit, we’ll talk about the changes we’re seeing, check in on how you’re feeling and doing, and strive to be the best part of your day!
  • We Accommodate: Orthodontic treatment is an investment of your time, energy, and finances. Valuing all of those, we work hard to ensure your experience is efficient, easy, and affordable. If you need assistance with scheduling, have budgetary concerns, or experience an unexpected event that impacts treatment, let us know. We’ll work with you to get you to that incredible smile you deserve!

Learn More

We invite you to start the conversation by scheduling a complimentary, no-pressure consultation at our Greenville, MS orthodontic office. We’ll answer your questions, review options, and develop an individualized plan to get you to your best smile – then you decide if treatment is right for you or your child.

This is the perfect day to start the journey to a lifetime of straight, healthy teeth and a beautifully confident smile; schedule your consultation with Dr. Skelton, today!

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